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IT Strategy – Gartner approach


dave aron

  • best IT organizations in the world are not distinguished by great delivery / execution – it is about great strategy
    • most IT organizations can be described as => “great landing – wrong airport”
    • too much focus on doing  “things right” instead of “doing the right things “
    • “…last 20 years IT was about automating the factory, the next 20 years is about informating the management about your businesses !”
    • “…that means great operations is no longer enough – it is about strategy, it is about influencing the rest of your businesses,..
    • “…strategy is not about managing the things you control
    • “…you can deliver IT systems on your own, but you cannot deliver business value on your own..”
    • “..for those people who are cynical about  IT strategy – i don’t think strategy is bad but there are lots of bad strategies aroun, a lot of strategy which is missing ownership etc…. 😉
  • strategy is NOT a the same as a plan
    • plan is fundamentallz a gannt chart (cost, risk, time)
    • plans are fragile and change too much
    • IT strategy is the stable anchor
    • separate strategy and plan
    • strategy and plans have different time cycles
  • whats in your IT strategy ?
    • the gartner model
    • demand, control, supply
  • WORN = “write once read never”
    • bad strategy have 70 pages centered around the IT supply side
  • wiersema model
    • choose one => “the value discipline”
    • e.g. HSBC => customer intimacy focus (e.g. only innovation around customer intimacy) => “motto = money is money – we cannot compete on trying to differentiate on the product..
    • e.g. walmart = operational excellence
  • “true strategy is about tradeoffs ”
    • it is all about a differentiated focus
  • “business capabilities”
    • looks more like principles and values in the demand section (e.g. efficiency, innovation, collaboration, agility, change, m&a…) => i would rename this more to “business drivers” or “business principles” to keep the methodology around business capability model clear !!!
    • but on the demand side this seems to make sense to stay on that very high level (no structured business capability needed on that level)
  • 7eleven
    • clear business strategy, clear IT strategy
  • control section
    • IT principles can change the way people behave
      • touchstone in governance
      • 8-10 IT principles
      • connected how the business will win
      • specific to our enterprise
      • detailed enough
      • e.g. “..we must be able to disengage from every vendor within 2-3 years …”
      • e.g. “..all systems must also work over a high latency satellite interlink..”
    • IT governance is about how decisions get made and what they mean / impact
      • for each type of decision an own governance is needed
      • needs to be designed to be aligned to business demand (by type of decision ~ 8 differernt types)
      • it is very dangerous to have only one central IT steering
  • conclusion
    • how to get IT team engaged in think in business success
    • “strategy moments”
      • how do we succeed as a business ?
      • how will IT help ?
    • => implant the thinking in business demand / success to IT
    • how to get business (board)  aware about IT strategy
      • e.g. story how IT can contribute to transform the business, story was told as an animated cartoon, CIO presented the cartoon in board meeting => this completely  changed the way how IT was perceived in integrated in the business
    • invest in human communication much more, make artifacts which really means something to your stakeholders, communication is a big part of strategy, going the extra mile !

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